Isla Holbox "In Search of The Spotted Whale Shark" Tour

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Early to Mid June through to the beginning of September Isla Holbox is visited by the spotted Whale Sharks. During these months, Holbox whale shark tours offers snorkeling trips out to view these wonderful creatures. For the 2024 season we will able to offer communal trips cost of $2,990.00 pesos including all taxes per person age 10 and older. We will also offer private trips to people who have been traveling together. If you have your own snorkel, please consider bringing it to use, otherwise disposable mouth pieces will be provided.

*** Now on sale price dropped to $2915 pesos!!! The small 27-foot boat will hold up to 6 people max cost was $19,936.00 pesos; * now sale price is $19,120 pesos ! the larger 33-foot boat will hold up to 8 people max was $28,400.00 pesos; sale price is $27,500 pesos!!.

Both rates include all taxes. Children under 10 are not allowed on the communal trips. Families with children between 3 and 10 are encouraged to do a private boat trip. Excursion is not recommended for children under 3 nor any pregnant women. For more questions or information contact us

You begin your Holbox whale shark tour with a hour to two hour boat ride out to the viewing area during which you might be lucky to see various types of marine life such as dolphins, manta rays, different fish, turtle. Of course bird life will fly above you as the area near Isla Holbox s also an area favored by many migratory species of birds.

Once you find the Whale Sharks, then two by two with your guide you will be allowed to enter the water and observe and snorkel with these massive fish. Holbox whale shark trips depart early in the morning generally between 6:30 and 7 am, and last between 4 to 6 hours depending on the location of the great fish. Then we head to Cabo Catoce for some adventure snorkeling and beaching here and finally return to Isla Holbox. Space is limited. Reservations are a must. For the tour we recommend bringing binoculars if you have them to observe the bird life. If you prefer, feel free to bring your own snorkel, mask and fins for your comfort in this post Covid time.

On the boat heading out for the adventure of a lifetime!

Our Holbox Whale Shark tours are operated by Willy's Tours, life long Holbox Island resident with many years of experience in the operation of this wonderful snorkeling adventure.

    Included in our Holbox whale shark tours are the following:
  • Box lunch with sandwich and some fruit.
  • Soda pop and fresh drinking water
  • Beer can be on board, but will only be served once all snorkeling is completed, essentially on the boat ride back to Isla Holbox you can enjoy a cold one!
  • All boats have the required permits for operation and have on board first aid kits, radios, GPS, fire extinguishers, life rings, life jackets.
  • Snorkel equipment fins, mask and snorkel included in price
  • All our guides are certified qualified guides in the marine park, all our captains are certified with many years of experience. All guides and captains are also trained and certified in first aid. Your safetly is our primary concern.
Maluky is the smallest of our boats.

This is the Don Manolo the leader of the fleet .

Miracle is the other large boat of the fleet.

As you can see from the photos each of our boats has some shade, outboard motors, ladder to access the water and are well cared for. None of our boats nor do we know any other Holbox boats that have a "head" or bathroom. Safety vests are required for the tour for your safety. No scuba diving is offered. We do not have a professional photographer on board, so bring your camera to take photos of this incredible experience. Permits allow us a certain number of participants, captain and crew.

Willy's tour's is located on Ave Tiburone Ballena otherwise known as Main Street just in front of the store Super Besa, near the town square park and the plaza center.

Willy's Tours Booth

Remember the great fish follow their food source, the plankton. Should it be a cloudy day the the plankton is deeper in the water, that is where the sharks will be and not on the surface. The water color or location of the whales is not up to us the staff of the boat or the clients, it is where the whales are found that day! Remember they are migratory animals following their food source, the plankton and can migrate between areas over the night!

This is a whale shark found in the Blue Caribbean waters, about hour half from Isla Holbox.

Here the whale shark is found in the green Golf waters not far from Isla Holbox. Snorkelers enjoying this adventure!

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